Charlotte Alplands Guided Hiking

Hiking in wildflowers
Always wanted to hike on the mountaintops?  Here's your opportunity to fly in to the unmatched beauty of the Charlotte Alplands to enjoy hiking experiences in the high alpine and glacier lakes of the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

The Charlotte Alplands is a completely unspoiled rolling plateau along the top of the Coast Mountain Range, and has the highest concentration of alpine lakes in British Columbia.  Wildflowers blanket the hillsides, small sub-alpine fir nestle around the crystal-clear lakes, while caribou and mountain goat roam freely. 

It is a pristine mountain wilderness unlike anything seen at lower altitudes!

Plane at Jacobsen

You will fly in by float plane to your chosen hike where your guide will be Doron Erel, a professional mountaineer and guide. Doron is an Israeli-Canadian who has climbed the highest peaks of seven continents and now makes his summer home in this amazing wilderness.  The day-hikes he offers will be tailored to the the wishes and abilities of the group, anything from easy to moderate, from short to longer, and with a small canoe ride at the end.

North Pass Lake to Nuk Tessli Hike

This hike can be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, and from easy to moderate, depending on the wishes of the group.  Landing by float plane on North Pass Lake at 1,700 meters elevation (5,577 feet), you will walk between lakes, mountains, and the beautiful panorama of Mount Monarch and all the surrounding Coast Mountain peaks.  A short canoe ride at the end brings you to Nuk Tessli - Doron's resort and summer home in this apline wilderness.


From $290 per person (6 people) to $500 per person (2 people).  Price is dependant on size of the group.  2-6 people per group.

        Canoeing Nuk Tessli

Jacobson Lake Glacier Hike

For this unique hike you will fly into Jacobsen Lake, which sits surrounded by mountain peaks at about 3,800 feet (1,150 meters).  A glacier flows down the mountains into one edge of the lake, and occasionally calves huge pieces into the water that float as icebergs.  Taking small boats you will explore the lake and the ice wall of the glacier.  Then the hike will take in the surrounding area and go onto the glacier itself, using crampons.  Equipment for this hike (crampons and ropes) is supplied.


From $480 per person (5 people) to $755 per person (2 people).  Price is dependant on the size of the group.  2-5 people per group.


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