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There is so much to enjoy in the Chilcotin Coast!  Below is some helpful information about things to do while at Eagle's Nest, a once-in-a-lifetime tour, a great place to start your Chilcotin holiday, and your best bet for Bella Coola:

The Chilcotin Experience

The Chilcotin Coast is often called "The Last Frontier".  Here are some things to do that will ensure that you get the most out of this spectacular wilderness area:
  • Explore Anahim Lake by canoe from the resort to see pelicans, beaver lodges, and much more
  • Watch the birds!  Eagle's Nest is located on a major migration route, and many birdwatchers have called it the highlight of their birdwatching tour.
  • Visit the Bella Coola Valley and take an exceptional tour!
  • Enjoy the magnificent grasslands and canyons of the East Chilcotin.

More great reasons to experience British Columbia's amazing Chilcotin
You won't regret it.


Spectacular Floatplane Tours

Relax in the comfort of Eagle's Nest Resort and fly to the mountaintops in these
one-of-a-kind wilderness experiences!


 Hunlen FallsTurner Lake

Turner Lake and Hunlen Falls

Situated at the top of a huge escarpment (bluff), Turner Lake in Tweedsmuir Provincial Park is surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery.  At the end of the lake is Hunlen Falls, the third highest free falling waterfall in Canada, tumbling in more than a 1,000 foot vertical drop to Lonesome Lake far below. 

If you like, the plane can land on Turner Lake and give you an opportunity to hike to the edge of the falls.  There are two short hikes that begin where the float-plane drops you off, each providing magnificent views of the surrounding area and an opportunity to experience the awesome grandeur of the falls.

For an independent travel blogger's experience of the falls, click here.

Fish Lake

Monarch Icefields

At the top of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range, only minutes by air from Eagle's Nest Resort, are the Monarch Icefields.  These are the largest icefields in North America outside of the Arctic Circle, and an amazing sight considering that they are so close to the beautiful summer weather you left behind at Anahim Lake.

Fly between massive mountain peaks and see rivers of glacier tumble down the mountainside like a giant roadway.  It is an experience you won't soon forget.

Rainbow MtnsThe Rainbow Mountains

The Rainbows are very old volcanic mountains, very heavily mineralized, and so colourful they were known by the early indiginous people as the Painted Mountains or the "mountains that bleed".  The red, orange, yellow and even white rocks form brilliant patterns and slide areas that are truly beautiful as you fly beside them. 

See this travel blogger's description of these amazing mountains.

Monarch Icefields in Beaver
Flightseeing Tours

See these sights from the air in a legendary Beaver floatplane.  Tours can be arranged to view any or all of the Rainbow Mountains, Hunlen Falls, and the Monarch Ice Fields. This unique experience is not to be missed!

A flightseeing tour to all three of these spectacular sights is about 1 1/4 hours in length, and costs about $200 per person (4 people sharing the aircraft).  It is an experience you will not forget!

Eagle's Nest Resort can help arrange your flightsee in conjunction with your stay.  Just ask us!

The Chilcotin Grasslands

The eastern part of the Chilcotin Plateau is famous for its grasslands, deep canyons, sand dunes, and Bighorn Sheep.  Enjoy this part of the amazing Chilcotin-Coast while staying at the historic Chilcotin Lodge

Your hosts Ria and Hennie will welcome you to this charming and unique frontier hotel -  with comfortable rooms and delicious meals.

The Chilcotin Lodge is located just 1/2 hour outside of Williams Lake along Highway 20 - the perfect spot to begin or end your Chilcotin Coast holiday!

Now you have easy access to Farwell Canyon, with its desert-like atmosphere of sand dunes and hoodoos, with the beautiful Chilcotin River carving a path through the middle of it.

Or drop by Junction Sheep Range Park, home to a signicant herd of wild California Bighorn Sheep.

From grasslands to glaciers, the Chilcotin-Coast has it all!


The Bella Coola Valley Experience

From the Chilcotin Plateau, drop down 5,000 feet to the floor of the Bella Coola Valley!  Get the most out of your stay in the Valley with a bus or boat tour from Bella Coola Grizzly Tours.  Your host Leonard Ellis offers terrific day tours that will make your trip to the Bella Coola Valley a memorable experience.

Take a day trip on the ocean on the 42-foot MV Nekhani.  Travel up some of the longest glacial fjords in the world, in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest, to visit wilderness hotsprings and First Nations pictrographs, see abundant wildlife, and enjoy a delicious seafood lunch!

The spectacular scenery of the Discovery Coast is worth the trip all by itself.  Leonard has been guiding people on these waters for over 30 years, and is a knowledgable and charming host.

Or choose a land tour by bus to view magnificent scenery, ancient petroglyphs, the giant red cedars of the rainforest, and perhaps wildlife like grizzly bears and eagles.

Click here to visit Bella Coola Grizzly Tours and let Leonard show you the best of the Bella Coola Valley.



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